Lady Fennec Ravenglade


The Dutchess Fennec was born to The Dancing Dragon and Thomas Xavier of House Ravenglade.
Zephyr gave her sole heir a strong, cunning name to reflect the strength she felt would be needed in The Reach. “The Reach does not need more flowers,” she reasoned, “There are too many snakes in the grass.”

Though the mercenary loved her daughter dearly, homemaking made her anxious. She confidently left Fennec in her husband’s care to seek adventure yet again.

Fennec was raised by her father— A pompous man, perhaps, but not unsensible. He knew that a Djinn born to court life would face challenges unlike any other, and he prepared her for them. He taught her everything. How to stand, imposing and elegant. How to slip away politely before a conversation turned against her. How to slink away when needed and when to stand her ground, an imposing scion.
He also taught her strategem, both on and off the battlefield,


Lady Fennec Ravenglade

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