Headmaster Sean Connery


Sean Connery has been part of the Mages Guild since before anyone can recall. He started his career as the prodigal son to a poor family, and was sent to the Guild immediately after he exposed his talents for Light magic.

However, upon his arrival, he found his talents far outmatched by his peers. The magic he displayed paled in comparison to flashy displays and raw power. To keep his place and prove himself useful, he took to scholarly and administrative work, making his way through the ranks by being organized, prepared, fair in judgement and personable.

Eventually he made enough money and influence in the Guild to bring his parents under his wing. They live a life of comparable luxury, though they have nothing to offer the Guild in return.

Headmaster Sean Connery has developed a taste for the finer things in life. He owns several peacocks, including Dew [who is currently cared for by Govad], fine silks and rare tomes. Within the Guild, he is treated as an eccentric authority figure, though he is still somewhat envious of his peers and underlings out in the field, wielding a magic that he can almost taste.


Headmaster Sean Connery

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